Cornices and arches

 Cornices, arches, angular stones and architectural other similar elements are considered to be facade parts.

 Cornice is used as a horizontal ledge of a wall that strengthens the roof of the structure and protects the wall from rain. There are also intermediate cornices that separate the storeys. From the form of the cornices one can guess to which period belongs to the structure or from which culture it is or what kind of tendency of styling it has.

 We can offer a rich variety of cornices as well as accept orders, taking into consideration the wishes and requirements of the customer. The installation is performed by our specialists not only in Armenia but also in any other part of the world.

 Arches are used both in exterior and in interior. They help to emphasize the height of the ceiling and visually increase the space. We can make arches of any stone, with different sizes and style.