Company values


Armstone is a stone processing company which started its activity since 2007. Its main functions are processing of natural stones, preparation and delivery of stone parts (Armenia and abroad), professional consultancy and provision of specialists.

Due to modern equipment investment and continuous training of the specialists today it is considered to be one of the leading companies in Armenia and enjoys the trust of its customers. Armstone company offers you a large variety of natural stones:







 The company also offers the range of its production with raw stones:

facing tile

artistic elements

decorative facings (Shuba)



balustrades and handrails

cornices and arches



memorial stones.

The combination of color gamut of natural stones, interesting architectural solutions will make your building extraordinary, will emphasize your originality. They are convenient in interior as well – they are easily cleaned, don’t need any special care, are stable, strong against heat strokes and can serve for centuries. Natural stones have been and go on being the strongest basis for buildings which characterizes the period of the building, character and aesthetic style by its decorations and solutions.

The mission of Armstone is to individualize any building by means of natural stone pieces.

The slogan of Armstone is:

High quality

Short term

Cheap price